Jocuri cu Mario

Jocuri cu Mario la

Super Mario Kart Super Mario Kart
In this free Mario Game you'll have the oportunity to pick what vehicle would you like to play with and also choose your player of Mario Brothers. Be ready for this awesome race of Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Racing 2 Super Mario Racing 2
Now you can choose to play with your favorite character.You can also unlock two new characters by completing the game: luigi and toad. Arrow keys to drive and balance, Space to jump, X to use tools.
Super Mario Run Super Mario Run
Super Mario run 3.In this version,It has new art and new monsters. Mario has to run and eats gold , mushroom ,monster etc. Be careful,it is dangerous in the map.Good luck. Arrow keys to control.
Super Mario Ghost Super Mario Ghost
This is a tomb sleeping a thousand years.Grave robbers discovered the tomb.Those who want to get the treasure grave robbers crazy coming.
Super Mario Find Princess Super Mario Find Princess
Mouse control. Help Mario find the princess.
King Kong Mario King Kong Mario
Monkey use AD to move,W to jump,S to pick up or put down box,hold A or D and S to throw box.When climbing,WS to move,hold A or D to swing,hold A or D and W to jump.
Mario Zeppelin 3 Mario Zeppelin 3
Collect as many coins as you can but please be careful with the zeppelin. flies through 7 levels in this exciting adventure. Use the arrow keys
Super Mario Defend Princess Super Mario Defend Princess
A game mario princess is protected or you have to defeat all the monsters cute flying by special guns. Mouse control shooting.
Super Mario Miner Super Mario Miner
You have to eat all the diamonds and the gates before time runs out. Arrow keys to control movement.
Super Mario Crazy Freight Super Mario Crazy Freight
Arrow keys to control the drive to reach the end clearance.
Tomb Super Mario Tomb Super Mario
Okay, so you are going to play Tomb Mario. Remember: this is a great opportunity to show everything you are able to do. Do your best to be successful. You can! I believe in your great potential
Wendigo Mario Wendigo Mario
P1:Use A or D to move, W to jump, S to dash, SPACE to pick or throw ice block. P2:Use ← or → to move, ↑to jump, ↓ to throw snowball,continuous throwing snowballs to form ice block.
Super Mario Shooter 2 Super Mario Shooter 2
Mario is shooting master yo, do not believe it? That we work together to help his training. Mouse control, point the mouse to shoot.
Super Mario Bus Super Mario Bus
Mario is a cool bus driver. Help Mario to drive this amazing bus. Use Arrow keys to control movement.
Super Mario Cutting Super Mario Cutting
Another Super Mario funny game. Use Mouse to play the game
Super Mario Pick Star Super Mario Pick Star
use mouse to play the game, super mario jump box and eat star
Super Mario Musketeers Super Mario Musketeers
A very cool Mario game playing the role of a Musketeer. p1:fire j,up w,left a,right d. p2:fire zero,up Keyboard arrow keys to control movement.
Super Mario Tank Super Mario Tank
A very cool game where Mario is driving a super big tank. Press'ADSW' or Arrow keys to move,press'J' or'Z' to fire,'K' or'X' to bomb
Super Mario Vs Zombie Defense Super Mario Vs Zombie Defense
Help mario defense his land using his available weapon to kill all the incoming zombies. Buy upgrade on weapon using the coins collected on battlefield.
Angry Mario Angry Mario
Your mission during this Angry Birds clone that includes Mario is to destroy structures together with your mushrooms and kill all Marios in every level.
Paper Mario World Paper Mario World
Your goal in this Mario platform action game is to complete each little level.
Super Mario Bros 2 Super Mario Bros 2
Mario lends all his charisma to a game made by fans for other fans especially! The game is very fun and borrows the gameplay mechanics who have devoted the greatest mascot of Nintendo. A Must See!
Super Mario Fantastic Duet 2 Super Mario Fantastic Duet 2
In this game you have the opportunity to participate in an amazing adventure with two of the best known heroes Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario plumber. Choose your favorite character and face all challenges in the forest.
Super Mario Ice Tower Super Mario Ice Tower
Use your skill to jump Mario onto each platform as you keep from falling off.
Monolith's Mario World 3 Monolith's Mario World 3
The Mario games keep coming as another well polished Mario game hits the arcade. Game on!
Super Mario Bros In Pacman Pipe Panic Super Mario Bros In Pacman Pipe Panic
This is basically Pacman with a Mario Brothers theme. You can chose between Mario or Luigi.
Mario Dark Dungeon Mario Dark Dungeon
And again a superfunny SuperMario game! A dungeon full of lava..and it's rising! Make sure you don't fall into it. Jump from platform to platform, higher and higher.
Mario War Mario War
Play Mario War,Kill Monsters and Protect Princess Peach!
New Super Mario Luigi Bros New Super Mario Luigi Bros
A fan remake of New Super Mario Bros. This time Luigi is the lead character.
Super Mario Bros Classic Super Mario Bros Classic
It's a flash remake of the original Super Mario Bros. This Mario game has two different graphic styles to choose from.
Super Merio Rampage Super Merio Rampage
Mario needs your help to complete this mission over. Beware of the dangers that can derail your plans this challenge.
Super Mario World X Super Mario World X
A multiplayer fighting version of arcade game mario
Super Mario World 3 Super Mario World 3
Take control of our hero plumber collecting many coins along the way, avoiding enemies and winning many stages in his amusing journey.
Super Mario Sunshine 128 Super Mario Sunshine 128
This game is very similar to Super Mario 63, except you get FLUDD.
Super Mario Time Attack Remix Super Mario Time Attack Remix
A Lakitu has kidnapped Princess Peach and Mario's duty is to get to her as quickly as possible. Never waste time, but if you find them quickly grab coins
Super Mario Cross Super Mario Cross
Prepare yourself for high adventure with the famous Super Mario, doing motocross by original scenarios of platform games plumber while picking up coins and get to the end of the scenarios
Super Marco Super Marco
Now, the scene of Mario you will defeat your enemies like metal slug and rather than jump on their opponents, will have much shooting and explosion
Mario Bros Vs Monsters Mario Bros Vs Monsters
Monsters are attacking Mario World. Help the Mario Bros to fight back. Kill all monsters with your special weapons and powers.
Mario And Luigi Role Playing Movie Mario And Luigi Role Playing Movie
A classic surf brothers movie world's most popular Plumbers and controls the various fight scenes.

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